Here are the corrupt City of Oxnard cops, and Ventura County judges and prosecutors that have sold their honor, and their positions as servants of the law. For money and power. Planted drugs; False charges; Derailing 17 jury trial dates. And that's just what they did to me. But a mountain of Ventura County Superior Court case hearing records evidence unambiguously shows that the lawless rot of criminal enterprise is systemic within all four branches of Justice in Ventura County, Calif.

Ventura County's corrupt, oath forsaken, morally bankrupt lawless lawmen.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Greg Totten, Ventura District Attorney is corrupt,

And it's a long way to Buffalo.
It's a long way to Belfast city too.
And I'm hoping the choice won't blow the hoist
'cause this town, bit off more than they can chew.

(Van Morrisson-Saint Dominic's preview.)

Open letter to Greg Totten: Ventura County's corrupt District Attorney.

Greg Totten; Ventura County's District Attorney has presided over the most corrupt district attorney's office in Calif. for years.

He will tell you that he didn't know that the corruption of his office was systemic.

He is a shit-stained liar.

And I will not rest until Mr. Totten, and several of his "senior deputy district attorneys" are led away in federal chains for the rest of their oath forsaken, soulless lives.

For their complicity in the Murder of Daniel Alizar Hernandez, (shot to death execution style March 9th, 2004) and a mountain of other high felonies that I have discovered.

Along with the Ventura Superior Court case hearing records and transcripts that will place Greg Totten, along with two Oxnard police officers, (think; Martin Polo, and Frank Brisslinger) in death row cells beside him.

I wonder who will be the daddy for all three of you worthless, corrupt Bitches?
Hear me now!
Oh thou bleak
and unbearable world;

Thou art base,
and debauched
as can be;

And a knight,
with his banners
all bravely unfurled.
Now hurls down
his gauntlet
to thee!"

(Cervantes-Don Quixote)

Unlike Don Quixote, I'm not tilting at windmills.

I know that I have the real, live, legal equivalent of a fire breathing dragon on the tip of my lance.

Where your sorry ass has been since we started doing battle over five years ago Greg.

That's right. You remember me. Glen Michael Wilson. The man your office tried to illegally destroy. But couldn't.

Because the minions and gophers (senior deputy district attorneys) that you assigned to bring about my destruction just were not up to the task.

Neither were the Oxnard Police officers assigned to my execution/hit.

Your fucked up badge and gun carrying murderers couldn't "get er done" and shot the wrong person.

Then they compounded their fuck up by letting two people that I have found see them running resistance for the shooter and his spotter.

In uniform. Driving Oxnard P,D, patrol cars.

You flat out would not believe just how many people a day are now learning the truth about you and your activities. Online.

From Washington D.C., to Sacramento.

And here in Oxnard, and Ventura? Dozens, and dozens of people from both of these towns are waiting to see whether you turn yourself in, or smoke your pistol.

YOU SEE; For the last year, they have been reading online the Ventura Superior Court's own case hearing docket entries that show unambiguously just how morally bankrupt an individual that you are.

Go to:

And see what all the interest is about. You are becoming known nationwide my man!

Then read the rest. While you can. You worthless piece of shit.

Like Willie Nelson wrote;

Grandpappy told my pappy; "Back in my day son, a man had to answer for the wicked he done. If it takes all the rope in Texas, and every big oak tree. You hang all of them black-hearts, way up high for folks to see."

That Justice is the one thing you must always find. Even if you got to saddle up the boys and draw a hard line. When the gunsmoke clears, we'll sing a victory tune. Then we'll all meet back at the local saloon. And raise our glasses against Evil forces. Whiskey for my men. Beer for my horses. **************************************************************** I want you to know;

I want your associates to know;

I want the people that tell you what to do to know;

That your particular Dog and Pony Show is closing down. For Good!

And don't you worry about informing them Greg. I'm handling that for you right now.

You would have to have a whole room full of bigger fish, (people) to turn on, and turn in, to slither out of never seeing the light of day again.

And you would have to turn on them, before they turned on you.

And they don't have to go to the feds to do that Greg.

They just have to remove you, as the link in this county's soulless cluster fuck to separate themselves from the "hired help"

With you "Gone" They'll have pockets full of "plausible deniability."

In fact I figure that it is even money as to who is gonna deal with you first. The Feds, or your "buddies."

I've waited a long time to bring you to this moment.

When I would get to tell you to;

"Watch as your oath forsaken, morally bankrupt world come flying apart."

So keep your eyes and ears open and alert to the sound and sight of three piece suits, with badges, guns, and warrants that will trump your little fiddle-fuck local action.

You knew when I walked out of the other side of that three year illegal wall of fire that you tossed me into, without giving you the shield and cover of co-signing your lies that I was gonna keep after you till you and this county received the justice that each deserved.

This is probably my last chance to say; "So long, you worthless piece of shit."


"So long, you worthless, shit stained, morally bankrupt, gag a maggot corrupt, piece of shit."

Personally, if it was me in your wingtips, I'd smoke my gun.

Oh so fucking sincerely,

Glen Michael Wilson
case #2001044311

Do what you want with the existing records.

They have been downloaded by dozens of individuals from lawyers to investigative reporters.

And I have sent the full 1,215 case hearing docket entries along to dozens as well.

Also the court records altered 1, 212; And Also the re-altered 8 months ago 1,210.

Didn't you ass wipes realize that each time that you did that you took statute of limitations right on out of the picture.

By showing that the cover-up is ONGOING.


That's why you're "buddies" are gonna "do" you.

Because you're a fucking idiot.


We step out in this world, and take our chances. Fate, is just the weight of circumstances. That's the way that Lady Luck dances. Roll the Bones. Roll the Bones.

Why are we here? Because we're here. Roll the Bones. Roll the Bones.

Why does it happen? Because it happens. Roll the Bones. Roll the Bones. (Rush) *******************************


  1. You are 100% right about Greg Totten. That fucken scumbag has committed so many crimes he can't even see how obvious it is to everyone else.

    I hope Greg Totten gets whats coming to him real soon.

  2. hey, i just left a VERY long comment on your story with all the docket transcripts. check it out. and thanks. i believe you actually helped me get JUSTICE here before i was 'whacked'. they came just in the nick of time. they must have had prior concerns with ventura's BIG 3. TOTTEN, BROOKS, AND DON'T FORGET JOHNNY FUCKING JOHNSTON!

  3. Hey ms.P. give me a call.

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  5. Gregory D Totten acts above the law. Only New Orleans has a more corrupt police department. I bet Totten has some connection with Louisiana!

  6. I was beaten inside the Ventura Jail so I know that this is the truth.

  7. i have a case from 2000. and thought nobody would listen when i had clear and convincing evidence of a video tape which had exculpatory evidence. when i seen it before it was erased by a public defender. brian vogel. its funny how after filing marshen hearings . being denied by judge clark. would later lead to brian vogel to excuse himself right before trial. and of course erasing the evidence before he left. but am looking for someone to talk to about this. must be the person knoowing about this. i will look for an email to contact u. due to fear of being a victim again of the unjustice going on in ventura courts

  8. To anonymous; Who referenced the year 2000, a person named B.V., and evidence that went missing.

    My e-mail is;

    I have left your comments off of the blog as they were more of a person to person nature, and to ease your worries as to your anonymity.

    IF you e-mail me you can ease my worries as to whether or not I am in contact with "you" or someone fishing for information by "re-hashing" the contents of your blog comment in your initial e-mail to me.

    I agree with you about being safe, instead of sorry.

  9. He Glen, have you seen the latest news on your Totten a-hole guy? He's up to the same stuff today as reported on Natural News. Why couldn't you get this guy out of office dude? He's torturing raw milk farmers and enacting North Korea like tactics to destroy people's lives. Can anything be done? This guy is Satanic, evil and needs his balls removed ASAP before he spreads his virus to others teaching them this stuff.

  10. hey michelle, I left your comment off the blog. No sense in having you show up on the radar. you can contact me at;



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